Did you know that Spinach are good for you? You can cook it or eat it Raw. I like eat spinach cook and raw. It remind me of Popeye cartoon. That is not the reason I like Spinach. Where I used to live, we eat spinach is cooked with the meat. I like spinach with […]


Not Perfect but will be working one it a little more. Everyone have great day


You know this kind of season should be popular of corn. The other night I was at event, I smell something really good, I don’t know what it is, and I was kind of short of hungry. I went walk around, I saw they have roast corn. I went to grab that, because it is […]

This is sounds yummy “Egg Salad stuffed Avocados”

Look like I have to try this. 6 hardboiled eggs 1/3 red onion chopped 3 stalk of celery chopped 4 table spoons of mayo 2 teaspoons of brown mustard 2 tablespoon of lime juice 1 teaspoon of hot sauce 1/2 teaspoon of cumun 3 avocados salt and pepper Cut the avocados in half, take the […]


This my 3rd on the trail run. So far so good. Yesterday I had walked to my goal. I haven’t weight myself yet. I sure hope I lost more weight since I start back up drinking. So far I have no craving for soda, normally the hot dog is look really good, but it doesn’t […]

Here we go

This is the package I receive today. Let’s begin!!! You open one package that you will pour in the water. Then drink it. I will try post a video later on see one by step.

my results for last month surprised me

Well, I never thought I was going lose any weight. Some how I did it. I had lost 7 lbs. I want to be the lowest weight I can get but still healthy. I had been eating nothing but healthy and it has been two weeks now I haven’t drink any soda, only french vanilla […]

Plexus Challenage

Hey everyone, I will be doing 30 days of Plexus slim drink for 30 days. I will do my best to keep you post it see how is it. When I first try for two days, I really like the flavor. Only one package for 8 to 16oz or more. I drink it, I don’t […]


  It is really rare to see some people allergic to Apples. We may heard a lot people allergic to peanuts butter and all sort of nuts. There is only few people allergic to some fruit. I highly not recommend this post for those who can’t eat Apples or some other stuff. It will be […]